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Surprise, Kids Want Games For Christmas

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In 1986, I got the original Pirates! for Christmas. It was smiles all round. In fact, I think 9 out of 10 things I asked for that year were C64 games. Twenty-two years on and little has changed, with a survey by Weekly Reader Research finding that 90% of kids aged between 8-17 want video games for Christmas. The most popular games were Guitar Hero: World Tour, Rock Band 2 and Mario Kart, while breaking down into gender-specific preferences, more boys are asking for Star Wars: Force Unleashed, while more girls are opting for DDR. Retailer: 9/10 Kids Want Games for Holidays [Edge]


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Christmas videogames I received on the morning of the 25th starting when I was 7 years old:

1992: SNES with Mario World

1993: Super Mario All Stars

1994: Donkey Kong Country and The Lion King

1995: Yoshi's Island

1996: N64 with SM64 and Pilotwings

1997: Diddy Kong Racing

1998: Zelda Ocarina of Time

1999: The year of my fall as a Nintendo purist. Finally caved and after fighting with my computer through FF7 for PC I couldn't stand it anymore... that year I asked for a Playstation 1 with FF8, I couldn't believe my ears.

2000: Playstation 2 with SSX and DOA2

2001: Gamecube with Madden 2002 (I had to buy Smash Melee later).

2002: GTA: Vice City and Metroid Prime.

from here on I continued to get games on christmas but not anymore on the morning of the 25th.