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It's Game of the Year season. You know what that means. All the AAA games that you've been waiting for are jockeying to break into your saving account. It also means that various commentators and outlets on the video game medium—Kotaku, included—are stumbling over themselves to add even more hype to games like Arkham City, Skyrim and Uncharted 3.


Coming one on top of the other, all those hot-blooded accolades blend into one another. It makes you a little dizzy, to be honest. But, Insult Swordfighting's got a hilarious quiz that'll help you match a snippet of breathy praise to the game it's lauding.

Take this fragment, for example:

"...jumps from one extraordinary set piece to the next, pushing the way a videogame narrative can be presented. Equal parts exhilarating and emotional, I can't say I have ever played a more perfectly paced game."


Is that Rage the writer's talking about? Portal 2? Gears of War 3? All of above? Head on over to Insult Swordfighting and find out.

Quiz: The Year in Swooning [Insult Swordfighting]

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