Police Squad! lasted one, glorious, six-episode season 31 years ago. (It's still famous enough to have this memorable introduction sequence, which swapped gags each week.) The show was the forerunner to The Naked Gun, and this DayZ is a perfect tribute to the ZAZ (that's the filmmakers Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker) brand of slapstick, absurdist, deadpan humor.


The PSF DayZ Diary is behind this send-up, and say the reaction to the video has them contemplating a full episode. If you enjoyed it, they've got outtakes here.

Edit: Gah, OK, I know the headline references a joke from Airplane! That was also a ZAZ job (their first) and in many ways set the stage for Police Squad! That's why I confused it. Sorry.


DAY Z SQUAD! In Color [The PSF DayZ Diary]

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