While certain guest writers might want to try and prove differently, Square Enix is full of people who care, as evidenced by this lovely Kingdom Hearts greeting card.

It's a bit on the minimalistic side as far as holiday cards go, but as any giant, squealing, and possibly hairy Kingdom Hearts fan will tell you, all you need is Sora dressed up in a Santa costume and your holiday wishes will all come true. Well now I have Sora in a Santa costume, and in three days - a pony.

Let's just open up this baby to see what surprises await us on the inside of Square Enix's holiday heart.


Aw, from our hearts to yours! Okay sure, that's just three signatures there, but those three signatures represent Square Enix's specially-bred caring squad. Those three people have enough caring in them to represent an entire international operation and still have some caring leftover in case some sort of emergency comes up.


Also, they combine to form a giant robot named Careotron. He fights for justice. That's just how Square Enix rolls.