This might be the least appetizing ice cream I've ever seen. And if the toilet wasn't enough, there's a bug hovering above the soft, brown swirl.

But it's a paper bug, you say! And that's not real poop. This is "Ku-Sofuto", a word play on the Japanese for "soft serve ice cream" (ソフト or sofuto) and the word for "shit" (クソ or kuso).

Served up in the rural town of Hokuto in Yamanashi, Japan, Ku-Sofuto comes in a squat-toilet shaped dish and is priced at around 500 yen (US$5).

If you don't like ice cream that literally looks like doodoo, you can also get it in vanilla or strawberry—which actually look worse.

The sign says, "After laughing, eat or after eating, laugh."

The whole thing is a total gag and all in good fun. This isn't supposed to be serious! And it does feel like a roadside ice cream stand version of Taiwan's toilet theme restaurant, Modern Toilet.

Of course, nothing looks worse than this.

The Ku-Sofuto shop has appeared on Japanese TV and seems popular with bikers, too.

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