Yes, the whole "Shit [people] Say" thing died a long time ago. And yet it's been reborn again, if only for an instant, so that we can celebrate the upcoming (likely) announcement of the next iPhone.

Hey man, I have been using a Droid for the past couple of years after an ill-advised early switch to Verizon. And so I will be actually getting a new iPhone when it's announced. I don't sound like this guy, but I do know some people who sound like this guy. And something tells me that in a few weeks, there are going to be a lot more this guy's out there.

How about you? You planning on dropping some bucks on a new iPhone once it's announced? Do you ever wonder about the guy who walks into an Apple store, like, today, and buys a brand-new top of the line iPhone 4S? What must the salespeople think? Do you think they say anything?

Feel free to talk Apple, or whatever else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting, and fancy right-clicking.