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Superman’s Profile Is Online Dating Kryptonite. What the Heck Is Wonder Woman Thinking?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I like Superman a lot. He gets a lot of flack for being a boring, all-powerful boy scout. But I feel like he's a great, complex superhero character in the right hands.

But, geez, if I saw his profile, I wouldn't date him.


All of nerddom has been atwitter over the announcement that Superman and Wonder Woman will be dating in the presented DC Universe. The New 52 reboot that happened a year ago wiped away Clark Kent's marriage to Lois Lane and gave both characters's relatively clean slates in terms of their backstories. So now they can date.

And someone at DC Comics or thought it would be cute to give the two icons' fictional profiles. Okay.


I used to use online dating services like If I wrote a profile as lame as Kal-El's, I never would have gotten any dates. (I didn't date that much any way but I'm confident that my profile was better than Superman's.) The ol' "I can eat anything" line? Really, Clark?

And if I ever happened on a bunch of words as goofy as Wonder Woman's, I'd go back and tweak my search terms. Pro tip, Diana: it's spelled "horde," not "hoard." Guess those Amazonian trials didn't include a spelling bee, huh?

I can go either way with regard to Superman or Wonder Woman being single or not. In the hands of talented writers and artists, any kind of romantic status can be a thrilling or poignant development. But it's going to take better talent than what's demonstrated in these profiles to make the Man of Steel and Princess Diana's budding relationship sing.