Super Street Fighter IV's Yun And Yang Also Delivering To Consoles?

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Capcom's official Japanese-language blog posted a few screens of new characters Yun and Yang in their Arrange Costumes, where they change from a mere skateboarder and rollerblader into a skateboarder chef and a rollerblader waiter.


Additionally, EventHubs got a tip that new achievements for Super Street Fighter IV on the Xbox 360 show Yun and Yang coming to the game's console version. (They're confirmed only for the arcade version, which releases in Japan next month.) This batch also shows an Evil Ryu. Grain-of-salt territory: I have no idea of these images' authenticity. But it's not too much of a stretch to assume Y&Y will come home at some point.

ユン・ヤン アレンジコスチュームと大会支援モード [Capcom via Andriasang. Thanks Jon B. for the EventHubs tip]

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I thought it was not possible to add new characters to SF4, so it was decided by CAPCOM to release a standalone Super Street Fighter 4 for the PS3 and Xbox 360!?

Of course it was a PR talk to let you pay another time for the same game as a standalone with extra content instead for a much lower priced upgrade in the form of DLC. Perhaps CAPCOM have learned from the last time and this time they make the 2 SF3 characters available via DLC. Perhaps also more CAPCOM characters via DLC, like the characters from Rival Schools and Street Fighter EX?

And still no words about a PC conversion of SSF4? I thought the PC version was selling pretty well despite the piracy here and there.