Super Street Fighter IV For The 3DS In Action, Played Live For You To Judge

Super Street Fighter IV is looking quite good on Nintendo's 3DS. Let's watch some gameplay, solo and multiplayer.

At the Nintendo World 2011 event in Tokyko this past weekend, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono presented a live demonstration of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, a 35-character fighting game based on last year's hit, scheduled for Nintendo's new 3DS portable system.

We've seen trailers, but now we can see it being played.

The Capcom folks play some Super Street Fighter IV 3DS solo:

(These videos are captured from Nintendo's live stream of the demonstration. The stream, which you can watch in full, surely doesn't show the graphics in the quality they appear in real life. Still, they're quite good.)


We're just seeing the 3DS' screens in this video, so we can't see all of the button and stick commands. The 3DS has an analog-slider and thumbstick d-pad on the left and face buttons on the right as well as a pair of shoulder buttons. Whatever manner with which those are being used, the system also evidently uses the 3DS' lower screen, the touch screen, for special moves.

The game was shown in 2D, but the 3DS' top screen can display the gameplay you see here in 3D, glasses-free.

Later in the event, we got a look at multiplayer.

And we'll wrap up with the latest trailer, which isn't that different from the one we saw in September. Clearly, the focus for this version of the game is on the many different ways to play the game against other people: in person, online, passively, actively and so on.


The 3DS will be out in Japan in February and in the U.S. in March. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition hits Japan on the system's launch day, February 26.


Nintendo 3DS Livestream []

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There is a big lack of information about what is shown here.

Obviously, there is a new camera angle option which must be part of the whole 3D visuals feature. It definitely looks optional since this is the first time I've seen that angle used and it was switching between standard and angled through out the matches.

There are four screens shown in the multiplayer video with people on stage with their heads down (hopefully looking at 3DS's), which I'm assuming means that the lobby system with spectator mode is still available. However, it looks like all the screens changed perspective at least once except for the upper left corner, seemingly indicating you can switch the mode during the fight, or put a setting to allow for angle shifting.

I don't mind the feature, I want just want it explained.