Super Stardust Portable Hits PSP Next Week

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Housemarque's Super Stardust is trading in its HD for a PSP, with Super Stardust Portable planned to hit the PlayStation Store next Thursday, December 4th. Why downgrade from the awesome PlayStation 3 version? Well, for one thing, it's only ten bucks. And, according to the official and Housemarque's Kimmo Lahtinen, the game runs at 60 frames per second, features a new "Impact" mode and *gulp* increased difficulty. Err.... I'm at least morbidly curious to see how the new control scheme works with just one analog stick — Lahtinen says aim will be interpolated between face button presses. Super Stardust HD is one of the best PlayStation Network's downloadable games, so we're willing to give this a try, if only to blow the dust off the PSP. Hopefully, we'll get a demo sooner rather than later. Super Stardust Portable Coming Soon []


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Definitely buying this ... the PS3 version is insane!