Super Stardust Delta Delivers a Shifted Perspective On the Shoot-Em Up

Illustration for article titled Super Stardust Delta Delivers a Shifted Perspective On the Shoot-Em Up

Not all NGP titles are reinventions of games found on the Playstation 3. Sometimes, like in the case of Super Stardust Delta, they're simply an evolution.


The changes made to shift Stardust onto Sony's upcoming portable seem relatively minor: You still play with two thumbsticks, blasting enemies and rocks as you zip around the outer reaches of a planet's atmosphere. The NGP version is made splendid with rich graphics displayed on the device's 5-inch OLED screen. There are also some neat new touches to play, like the ability to shift the perspective of what you're looking at by tilting the device.

While I wasn't able to check it out for myself, I've been told the game will have some new modes that take advantage of the NGP's touch-sensitive belly. You can also use the front touch screen to access weapons that allow you to freeze time, fire off missiles, create black holes and dish out crush attacks. Shaking the NGP creates a shockwave that damage nearby targets.

The final game will include Arcade, Endless and bomber game modes as well, according to Sony.

From my short time with the Super Stardust Delta, the gameplay is fluid, the graphics astounding. It's a game that completely satisfies any needs you may have from a shoot-em-up.



Uncharted, Wipeout, Stardust......I really hope they have some *new* IPs for the NGP.