The aptly named Really Freakin' Clever webseries is back, this time focusing on the second entry in Nintendo's all-star brawler franchise—Smash Bros. Melee.


While I agree with the notion that having all these celebrated and massively nostalgic characters in one place is a hell of a selling point, it's important not to overlook Melee's rather meaty gameplay.

I grew up with PC games, so in the end, when I first tried Melee, the gameplay was the aspect that ended up drawing me in. The game could still appeal to me even though I wasn't technically part of its target audience, and by playing it, I could actually learn, even just a little bit, about this rich history and all these different characters. Honestly, I think that's brilliant.

What about you folks? Like Melee? Hate it? Prefer Brawl or the original? Chime in below.


Really Freakin' Clever - Super Smash Bros. Melee [YouTube]

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