Here's ReallyFreakinClever with an earnest video about the merits of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. You may not agree with all of it; I didn't. But I think he's on-point when he lauds the accessibility of the franchise, particularly when compared to the fighting game genre as a whole (though that's improving nowadays).

Then again, I do wish that the conversation about Smash Bros. as/not as a fighting game would die, because the game doesn't need that validation, never mind the fact that imbalanced games can be perfectly fun still.


As I said: it's a grand game regardless of whether you deem it a fighting game/a good fighting game. Still, here we are. It's kind of impossible not to talk about it in that context.

Now the real question is: when the heck does the next Smash Bros. drop?

Really Freakin' Clever - Super Smash Bros. [ReallyFreakinClever]

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