Super Skyrim Bros. is a Mod That, Well, You Get It, Right?

Skyrim is a very different place when there are Goombas running around it. You can see that for yourself in some clips of Super Skyrim Bros., a wacky mod that's been quietly in development by a gamer named "clintmich" for the last few months.

The first video here went live in early May. Sorry we missed it.

Then this update hit YouTube in June.

Illustration for article titled emSuper Skyrim Bros./em is a Mod That, Well, You Get It, Right?

So good!

The sound effects really make this work, which is why the latest video, from the ice part of the world (gotta have an ice world!), feels like the best Mario-Elder-Scrolls combo of the batch.

That last video went up this month. It shows progress, but there's no official release date. Go to the mod's official page for more info...

Super Skyrim Bros [Skyrim Nexus, thanks James!]

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Am I the only one that thought of Smash Bros when reading the title?