In the near-future of Brian Vaughan and Marcos Martinā€™s The Private Eye, thereā€™s been a meltdown of social networking. Imagine anyone anywhere being able to see everyone elseā€™s addresses, banking information or browser history. People zealously hide their real faces and personal details after this cataclysmic breakdown of virtual privacy. You would, too. So, when someone peels off a mask, itā€™s serious business.

The scene above happens in The Private Eye #2 and itā€™s meaningful because it shows the main character offering up a look at his unobscured eyes as a sign of trust. I love how the scene doesnā€™t explain what the eye-black is but still communicates that itā€™s some sort of high-falutinā€™ interference for trying to read the Private Eyeā€™s face. Thereā€™s no distraction here; just raw honesty.

You can pay whatever you want for The Private Eye so you have no excuse for getting it. Itā€™s just that good.

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