In the near-future of Brian Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s The Private Eye, there’s been a meltdown of social networking. Imagine anyone anywhere being able to see everyone else’s addresses, banking information or browser history. People zealously hide their real faces and personal details after this cataclysmic breakdown of virtual privacy. You would, too. So, when someone peels off a mask, it’s serious business.


The scene above happens in The Private Eye #2 and it’s meaningful because it shows the main character offering up a look at his unobscured eyes as a sign of trust. I love how the scene doesn’t explain what the eye-black is but still communicates that it’s some sort of high-falutin’ interference for trying to read the Private Eye’s face. There’s no distraction here; just raw honesty.

You can pay whatever you want for The Private Eye so you have no excuse for getting it. It’s just that good.

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