Super Monkey Ball Gets In On Some Of That Hot Peggle Action

Everybody loves Popcap's Peggle. Everybody loves monkeys. Sega does the math and gets Super Monkey Ball Bounce, or as I'm going to call it — Seggle.


Coming this summer to iOS and Android, Seggle takes its inspiration from the classic arcade game of pachinko, and not Peggle at all.

Illustration for article titled emSuper Monkey Ball/em Gets In On Some Of That Hot emPeggle/em Action

See? Bananas. Peggle doesn't have bananas.

I guess official press releases can't just straight up say "Hey, we copied another popular game." It's not really a big deal. More Peggle is more Peggle, even if it's not. Plus this one has monkeys. Monkeys make everything better.

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So I think it's clear now that Sega has way too much free time?

Don't get me wrong, I'll probably download this at some point. But if they need some direction, I can point them in a few *cough*WesternPSO2 *cough*

Oh man, what was that? I must be coming down with something.

But in all seriousness, does anyone else feel like Sega isn't really doing anything lately? Haven't heard anything about Sonic Boom since the announcement, and it seems like they've condensed their major titles to just Sonic, Total War, Football Manager, and now... Alien, I guess? Maybe they'll have something at E3.

I remember when Sega used to be something pretty great, and I was only 6 when I got my Dreamcast. Aside from mostly alright Sonic titles, the last pretty great thing I remember from Sega are Platinum Games titles (Vanquish, Bayonetta, etc.).

Now it just feels like they aren't even trying anymore. To me anyway. I'm open to discussion.