Super Meat Boy's Wii Version Officially Dead

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When last we heard from Super Meat Boy's plans for the Wii, the game simply couldn't be squeezed into the size limitations imposed on WiiWare titles. The game's creators tried to line up a publisher for a retail release, but have now given up, finding none.

"We really tried hard to make this happen but not one publisher we talked to thought a retail budget title for the Wii would be profitable at this point in the Wii's life cycle," wrote Edmund McMillen, Super Meat Boy's co-creator, "and we totally understand that."


Super Meat Boy couldn't fit inside the 40 megabyte WiiWare cap without making sacrifices that McMillen and co-creator Tommy Refenes found unacceptable, mostly in the game's soundtrack. Exploring retail possibilities in December, Team Meat found little interest. "So far, the three biggest [publishers contacted by Team Meat] say there's no money in third-party retail (on the Wii)," McMillen told Kotaku, "but we are still asking."

At the time McMillen said he and Refenes were still committed to doing a game on a Nintendo platform. It evidently won't be Super Meat Boy.

GDC announcement time! [Team Meat]

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Koda Kazar

I still cannot see how they couldn't get the game under 40MB.....

Hell, why didn't they just hack the game up into episodes?