Super Meat Boy For Steam Tastes Like Headcrab

The Steam version of brutal platformer Super Meat Boy has been infested with Half-Life Headcrabs, the latest addition to the list of playable cameos in Team Meat's guest star-rich video game.

The alien spawn that makes men into zombies in Valve's Half-Life series replaces Gish as the first unlockable character in the Steam version of Super Meat Boy, set for release on PC later this month. Gamers not on board the Steam train can still buy the PC version elsewhere, but they'll get a Goo Ball from 2D Boy's World of Goo instead.


Finally, as a reminder, the Xbox Live Arcade version of Super Meat Boy is still 800 Microsoft Points, a deal that expires this week. Either hurry up or wait for the PC release, which will be on sale during its pre-order period.

You've got Headcrabs! [Team Meat]

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