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Team Meat, the makers of upcoming Xbox Live Arcade release Super Meat Boy, have devised a way to deliver downloadable levels to their bloody, meaty indie platformer, all for free. They call it "Teh Internets."


This unlockable chapter in Super Meat Boy grants players of the XBLA game the option to download future chapters, to be added whenever Team Meat feels like it, at no cost and without pissing off Microsoft, according to the team. It's a loophole, they say, one that Microsoft is cool with being exploited.

"In a world where it costs $2 to unlock content in a game that you've already purchased it is nice to have the power to totally say 'fuck you' to that system and go our own way," Team Meat writes on its official blog. "As we upload content there are no micro transactions to play new chapters and we can basically do whatever we want with these chapters and it costs you, our adoring fans, nothing."


For more details about how this works, what post-release content is coming to Super Meat Boy and more information on Teh Internets, hit up the official blog. Super Meat Boy comes to Xbox Live Arcade on October 6.

Teh Internets! [Team Meat Blog]

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