Super Mario Run Won't Be Out On Android Until March

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Nintendo just announced that Super Mario Run, a game which has been out on iOS devices for over a month, will not be out on Android until March.

I am aware of the difficulties of developing for Android vs iOS, what with all the different specs and screen sizes. I am also aware that Apple was very interested in promoting the game exclusively over the holiday period, with demos in Apple stores, etc. But still. Come on guys.

Any Android users wanting to be kept informed of the actual release, you can register for updates on the game’s Google Play Store listing.


If it helps, remember that the new Fire Emblem game for mobile devices is coming to Android first. UPDATE: Actually it’s now going to be out on Android and iOS on the same day, so this doesn’t help at all.

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The fact that the recently announced Fire Emblem Heroes is coming as Android-first suggests the SMR exclusivity is most likely due to Apple $$$ more so than the technical difficulties developing for Android.

I mean, Super Mario Run marketed as an exclusive was EVERYWHERE in the AppStore, Apple made such a huge deal out of it you’d think it was marketing for a console exclusive