Super Mario Odyssey's Real Humans Are Weird and Bad

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Super Mario Odyssey has Mario jumping into an actual city, which is populated by humans. One problem: the humans are proportioned realistically, and Mario is not. It’s the most jarring and upsetting detail about tonight’s Switch event.

Why is everyone dressed as if they were in the 1950's? Why does this level remind me of those shitty “Mario in Unreal” videos, where our favorite plumber looks totally out of place and uncanny? And more importantly: what the hell is going on with the size difference?

Advertisement Mario not human? His features don’t quite match up with the harsher faces of the humans; he’s way more cartoony and stubbier. If Mario isn’t human...what is he?

I can’t deal with this shit, Nintendo—and neither can anyone else, by the looks of it:


I’m sure the game will be plenty of fun, but man. Talk about an unexpected and funny existential crisis hidden in the middle of a console reveal.



Everyone always says that Nintendo’s art style shines in spite of hardware limitations.

Realistic environments like this show those technical limitations.