Super Mario Galaxy 2 To Be "Really Challenging," Could Warrant Super Guide

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Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto says that, like the recently released New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the Wii sequel to Super Mario Galaxy will be "a really challenging game." Does that warrant a little Super Guide-style help?


Miyamoto tells the Official Nintendo Magazine of the UK that he "cannot tell" whether the Super Guide's hand-holding assist will be included in Super Mario Galaxy 2. But the tech will be implemented in Nintendo games "wherever and whenever appropriate."

Personally, the option somehow seems more appropriate in a multiplayer-skewed game like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, even though the side-scrolling entries in the Super Mario Bros. series have typically been the more challenging of the lot.

If you're on board with this Super Guide thing, are there any Nintendo titles that you think warrant it more than others?

Mario Galaxy 2: Will It Use The Super Guide? [ONM UK]


I hope by "Really Challenging" he means "Crazy No-Fludd, obtuse objects floating in space levels" from SMS challenging and not "WTF I DO NOT PLAY MARIO TO PLAY STUPID TIMED CHALLENGES THAT REVOLVE AROUND BLOWING UP SPACE TRASH IN AN ABSURD TIME LIMIT" from SMG type challenging. The former lead to many deaths and an immense feeling of satisfaction upon completion of which I loved every minute. The latter seriously almost lead to a broken Wiimote. #supermariogalaxy2