Super Mario Bros. Movie Restoration Adds 20 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes

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Image: Super Mario Bros.

For years now, Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive has been working to obtain and restore a bunch of deleted scenes from Nintendo’s 1993 disaster. That work is now largely done, leaving us with a sort of “director’s cut” of the film that runs for 20 minutes longer than the original.


Super Mario Bros: The Morton Jankel Cut is now available for viewing on The Internet Archive, and doesn’t just throw the deleted scenes in there. Those scenes were found on an old VHS and were in terrible shape, so each had to be painstakingly restored by editor and artist Garrett Gilchrist.

Some of them add some welcome context to existing scenes, while others are remnants of a more teen/adult vision for the movie, like the club dancing scene here:

Image: Super Mario Bros.

You can watch the movie below, or if that doesn’t work, you can head here. You’ll instantly be able to recognise the restored/deleted scenes by the timestamps at the bottom of the screen.

And hey, that’s not all. There’s also a commentary video below that’ll take you through each of the deleted scenes, while also showing you just how much nicer the restoration job was.


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Seriously, people, the movie isn’t horrible. It’s decent, so long as you remember that it’s a New York Mario, and has very little to do with canon Mario. (Seriously, there’s pretty much no way that canon Mario was raised in NYC. At closest it was New Donk and I doubt even that.)