Super Mario and Angry Birds Make A Pretty Good Team

When you combine the incendiary oomph of the Mushroom Kingdom's fireflowers and the myriad talents of the various Angry Birds, green pig flesh explodes all over the screen.


The video above—made by amateur filmmakers CC Megaproductions—isn't quite as gory as all that. But it does imagine what might happen if Nintendo's mascot found himself in the middle of the never-ending war between Rovio's avian and porcine species.

As you might think, the Angry Birds' mortal enemies don't really stand a chance against this heroic team-up. But you don't really see the Bad Piggies and Goombas strategizing to making the most out of this impromptu crossover. Either Bowser roasted up the Piggies for a light snack or more action awaits the Mario/Birds team. Let's see the answer in a follow-up, eh?

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Why is it that whenever someone uses After Effects for anything, they insist on not only not using a tripod, but also telling the cameraman to constantly shake around like it's two degrees and he has no shirt on?

In regards to the video, it's a neat idea, but I'll fucking shoot myself if such a crossover actually happened.