Super Cult Tycoon 2: Deluxe Edition is Free to all Believers

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Playing as a mayor, or a President, or a Captain in a strategy game gets boring after a while. You're always the straight guy, the man in the suit, the uniformed leader burdened with responsibility.


How refreshing it is, then, to play Super Cult Tycoon and take charge of a crazy cult leader.

Built in Unity, so it runs in your browser, Super Cult Tycoon isn't quite finished yet, so there's some rough parts to it, but that doesn't matter. What's there and working shines through like the word my my savour, the prophet Zal'Nthar, who is coming to Earth to take only his true believers back to the planet Xunivius, where we will be granted entry into his eternal paradise.

Once you've drunk all my Kool-aid and evaded the FBI, that is.

The game's set in a small Colorado town, and basically has you driving around recruiting the townsfolk, putting them to work, raising cash and ultimately getting enough gear together for your cult's mothership to arrive and whisk you all off to a better place.

It's playable below. Remember, it's not finished, so have patience.

Re: Mysticism: Super Cult Tycoon 2: Deluxe Edition [ALMOST D [Super Cult Tycoon, via Indie Games]


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