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Super Bowl Player Spent All Week Playing Pokémon

Illustration for article titled Super Bowl Player Spent All Week Playing emPokémon/em

The week before the Super Bowl in NY/NJ, some NFL players spend their time on the field. Others like to party it up in New York's lavish nightclubs and restaurants. But Nate Irving? Nate Irving likes to play Pokémon.


The Broncos linebacker revealed this juicy tidbit in a Wall Street Journal article published today. Some fun facts:

  • Irving has been playing Pokémon three hours a night this week, catching Jigglypuffs and Rattatas while he prepares to catch Russell Wilson interceptions.
  • Irving will sometimes play Pokémon while riding on the team bus, but he does the ol' bend-down move so nobody will see him, like an eight-year-old on a plane when the flight attendant comes by during takeoff.
  • I'll quote WSJ verbatim for this one: "In his free time, Irving tends to his two pets, male and female bearded dragons he calls 'the big man' and 'the little girl,' and plays videogames. "
  • Irving had 41 tackles this season.
  • He also plays Call of Duty.
  • Irving reads Kotaku 12 hours a day.
  • I made that one up.

Congratulations, Nate Irving, you are now my favorite non-Jet NFL player. Well, you and Kluwe.


(via TAY)

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...why is this a rare occurrence, anyway?