Graphic: Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick 2020 is moving online in response to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. The annual speedrunning marathon will maintain its previous schedule, broadcasting live August 16-23 to gather donations for Doctors Without Borders.



Obviously a necessary move, but a sad one, as I find their online streams unwatchable. Having good commentary is necessary (unless you’re already familiar with the games’ speed strats), and when the runner and couch aren’t in the same room, it breaks down due to latency. I’ve never lasted more than a few minutes into an online GDQ, the constant overtalking and “no go ahead” signalling just ruins the flow for me. (Not to mention the frequent tech issues - I saw a lot of lossy connections and camera/microphone malfunctions even in the short times I’ve watched.)

I fucking love GDQ. I’ve 100%ed the last several AGDQ/SGDQ events, binging VODs for anything I missed catching live. Hopefully they’ll have a more solid setup, with all this extra time to prepare.