Suikoden Coming To PlayStation Store

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The latest batch of video game ratings by the ESRB reveals a listing for Konami's classic RPG Suikoden that may indicate the title is destined for a PlayStation Store re-release. Suikoden is rated as released—or to be released—for both the PlayStation 3 and PSP, as with other PSN releases. We don't know when it's coming—PS One Classic releases are few and far between in North America—but it's most likely coming. You may be able to secure a hard copy for the standard asking price in the meantime anyway, so act accordingly.


ESRB Game Ratings


Suikoden and Vandal HEarts were my first RPGS on the PSX, both were so amazing. Comming off an european RPGs starved SNES, this and Vandal where pure gaming nirvana. Then Final Fantasy VI came along and people seem to have forgoten just how good Suikoden (and its sequel) really are. Hopefully this PSN offering will bring those roots back.