Sucker Punched Again!

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I don't know why I'm bothering to even write this off-topic open thread. You guys and gals are probably waiting in line to buy your Kinects or naming your pet tiger cub Skittles by now. Right?


If you're not out there buying into the latest motion control scheme, please, join us for some lovely conversation that doesn't have to be about video games. It definitely doesn't have to be about Kinect, I can assure you that. It can be about how good Sucker Punch looks, for example.


Faux Bravo

Interesting that Bruce is going the Tony Stark route.

In other news, I was kind of wondering what people's opinions of internet dating sites were?

I use one, have for a while, though it's become more of a boredom killer than anything. I wouldn't pay for one, but I figured lots of people do and it would be interesting to hear from them.

I figured this would even be sort of relevant here since often gamers are, like me, horribly socially awkward.

I've met a few girls off the one I use, even went out with one for a few months, but it didn't end well. It's tough to initiate contact sometimes, even with the safety of the internet. Even tougher is getting a response from a girl that SEEMS like someone that would get along with you great.

Internet dating is approaching socially acceptable, right? I mean... right?