Subtac Eht

To: Ashcraft
From: Totilo
Re: What Happens When You Watch Totoro All Day Long


How do your kids feel about My Neighbor Totoro's Catbus? I picked up a small stuffed Catbus for my niece when I was in Tokyo a few years ago. The thing looks fascinating. But then I worried that it was too creepy for a then-three-year-old. So I bought a Totoro doll at the airport and gave her that instead.

I kept the Catbus, because, well, you don't junk stuffed Catbusses that you carry halfway across the world, right?


So, with Crecente on vacation this week, how much do you think we can wreck the place? I was going to write my posts backwards. OK?

thgin tsal dessim uoy tahW
?teG adleZ naC nredoM woH
tsiL 1-nI-llA :sreppoT trahC enohPi
tcepsA "reyalpitluM" s'LX iSD tuO gnitseT (!eno taht etorw uoy ,yllautcA)
sdnaS nettogroF ehT :aisreP fO ecnirP htiW emiT kcaB snruT tfosibU
liaB oT emiT :weiveR ediR :kwaH ynoT
rellortnoC noitoM 3SP roF 5-4 ,raeY txeN lataN roF semaG 01 snalP tfosibU

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Catbus was the most interesting character in Totoro for me...

Maybe because I'm alergic to cat fur and stuff and can never have one, but I have this fixation about them.

Plus, just imagine having a catbus! I'd travel more often, that's for shure. Well, at least some kinda unfortunate accident happened...