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Subscription Gaming Comes To The Wii

Haven't you heard? It's Monster Hunter's fifth birthday. Happy birthday, Monster Hunter! To celebrate, you can become the first Wii game to charge a hefty monthly subscription fee, ala World of Warcraft.


Yes, because Monster Hunter G on the Wii is an online game, and because it's going to be insanely popular, Capcom will be charging Japanese users (like they have for other, non-PSP versions of the game) for the privilege. $8 will get them 30 days of play, $15 will get 'em 60 and $20 will buy 90 days.

Before you get all uppity about Capcom/Nintendo/the Wii, remember, this is Japan and Monster Hunter we're talking about. Doesn't matter that it's on the Wii. They could have asked for first-born sons for 90 days of play and people would pay.


Monster Hunter 5th Birthday Liveblog [Famitsu]

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"Before you get all uppity about Capcom/Nintendo/the Wii, remember"

Why would people be pissed at Nintendo because Capcom is charging for online play? Wouldn't they get pissed at Capcom?