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Stupid Sim

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

To: Luke
From: Owen

Anyone who's played NCAA Basketball knows what a pain in the ass it is setting up a full 64-team custom bracket. I've spent the past 90 minutes inputting this year's field into the game for a full bracket simulation - literally beginning after Greg Gumbel called Notre Dame as the final team in the tournament. Then I painstakingly wrote down the final scores of each game and found the eff-star-star-star-eye-en-gee regionals were paired wrong. It probably has to do with the overall No. 1 seeds being ranked differently last year to this.

So this sim will have to wait another day. Sorry. But when I do get this bitch done I am taking it to Vegas on Thursday and treating it like a message from the future. That's right, baby! Goin' to Vegas in a $15,000 car, comin' home on a $200,000 bus!


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