Stupid Ninjas Is Not Stupid (But Has Terrible Font)

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There are lots of stupid smartphone games. Stupid Ninjas is not one of them. It's loads of fun. The game's font, however, is not.


Stupid Ninjas is GameResorts' follow up to Stupid Zombies. This time around, the zombies have been switched out with ninjas. It's a puzzle game, and the goal here is to slice all the ninjas with throwing stars.

To throw the throwing star, you slice your finger. Each ninja you hit will throw his ninja stars in various directions, hopefully killing the others, which causes them to also throw their stars in various directions—and so on and so forth. It's a chain reaction.


There are obstacles like rocks, wooden beams, air-blowing-vents, and magnets that make it tricky to hit all the ninjas, and rid the in-game world of those pesky ninjas.

The game has three chapters, and apparently there are sixty levels in each chapter. The free version is ad-based, which I personally didn't mind! I didn't get to the second chapter yet, but later chapters apparently allow for more than one player finger swipe.

From what I played, Stupid Ninjas was enjoyable. The puzzles were smart. It's a game that I will continue to play, long after this Gaming App of the Day has run.

My main complaint! The font is terrible. It's supposed to look like Japanese, but it doesn't really look like Japanese and just ends up being unreadable. The point of font is to be readable!


However, the game is a good time and definitely worth checking out. Collectible stars make levels challenging for those who had no problems killing the ninjas.

Stupid Ninjas, I liked. Stupid Ninjas's font? Less so.

Stupid Ninjas [iTunes]

Stupid Ninjas [Android Market]

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They should've used Comic Sans.