Stupid Dragonball Movie Getting Stupid PSP Game

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The latest issue of Japanese weekly magazine Shōnen Jump reveals that a video game tie-in for the utterly ridiculous Dragonball Evolution is in the works for the Sony PSP.


The tiny blurb for the upcoming Japanese PSP title doesn't reveal much outside of a March 2009 release date, and only lists the PSP as a platform, which is a bit odd in this age where movie tie-ins hit every platform possible. In fact, lately we've seen a trend of big games hitting everything but the PSP, so this is some sort of bizarro world reverse reality thing we are dealing with, sort of like the strange parallel Earth where making the Dragonball live-action film seemed like a good idea.

Dragon Ball The Movie announced for the PSP [Gamekyo - Thanks Funkpanda!]



It appears that the human race is doomed not to learn from the past. Let me just remind you, of the catstrophe...the disaster...the...disastrophe that was Street Fighter: The Game: The Movie: The Game of the Movie.