Study Says Gaming Can Make You Totally Stressed Out

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A Taiwanese study - backed by British researchers - has found that playing too many video games can (can) contribute to a a rise in stress levels and feelings of anxiety in "young people".


The report found that many games cause a "fight or flight" reaction in the player's mind, which can often trick the brain into releasing adrenaline into the body. Because that's what the body needs to either fight or take flight.

Problem being that when playing games, the body doesn't do either of those things. It just sits there. And if the adrenaline is released into the body and stays there - which it will if you don't fight/run it out - it can contribute to an adrenaline "overload", which in turn can lead to neurological issues like anxiety disorders.


It doesn't mean this happens to all gamers. Nor that the effects - which are similar to that of a drug addict - mean you're all a bunch of worthless drug addicts. They're just sayin', is all. Be careful.

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Luke Plunkett

Can't help but agree with it, myself. I remember when I used to play X-Wing - and even now when I play FIFA - if I got my heart rate up and then stopped playing, I'd feel really agitated and on-edge.

Though a nice cup of tea and a sit-down generally helps.