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Study Finds Wii Fit Produces "Underwhelming Results"

Illustration for article titled Study Finds Wii Fit Produces Underwhelming Results

Anyone who does proper exercise could have pointed this out, but it's always nice to have it in writing; the American Council on Exercise have claimed that Nintendo's Wii Fit produces "underwhelming results".


The group has released a report on the super-popular home fitness program, drawing on research performed by the University of Wisconsin. And this report has found that even Wii Fit's most physically taxing workouts can't hold a candle to actual exercise.

Wii Fit's boxing, for example, burns only 1/3 the calories of actual boxing, while the other four most intensive modes - Free Island Run, Super Hula Hoop, Advanced Step, and Free Step - only burned between 100 and 160 calories every 30 minutes of exercise. Considering a cheeseburger has around 300 calories, you'll be on Wii Fit all day if you want to really burn some fat.


Perhaps most damning/hilarious, however, is the report's finding that while Wii Fit burns more calories than a regular game - where you're doing nothing - it's not as good for you as a session on Nintendo's own Wii Sports.

Ah, the power of marketing.

American Council on Exercise Charts 'Underwhelming' Wii Fit Health Benefits [Gamasutra]

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"And this report has found that even Wii Fit's most physically taxing workouts can't hold a candle to actual exercise."

Quoted for making no sense.

The Wii's most taxing workouts ARE actual exercise. Take the pushup to plank exercise. That's crushing. If you can do 20 the first time you try it, you are most certainly in good shape. They're harder than standard pushups which, last I checked, are "actual" exercise. When I started Wii fit, I could do about 30 pushups without stopping. After a month, I was doing 50+.

I'll admit, that Wii Fit is heavily biased towards movements that are more fun than TRULY productive, but I think that's the point of a fitness GAME.

If you want a workout on the Wii, you really should try EA Sports Active. I own it and Wii Fit and It's vastly superior for getting a solid workout, and it's enjoyable too. But get ready to sweat, especially if you set it to the "intense" level. #wiifit