One of the best-looking games due for the Nintendo DS is now one of the best-looking games due for the PS3, with this weeks' Famitsu reporting that Level 5's Ninokuni is getting a major facelift for a home console.

What had been a quaint role-playing game for Nintendo's handheld now, even in awful photos of a magazine on a man's lap, looks stunning on the PS3, Studio Ghibli's (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke) art design leaping off the page. Imagine how all that animation (Ghibli's animators are working on a ton of material for the game) will look in 1080p on a big screen...

What's more, there's the game's key mechanic to consider: the DS version had the player drawing symbols on the touch-screen to cast spells, which were learned from an actual book included with the game. Could this PS3 version include support for motion controller PlayStation Move?


God, I hope so.

There was no actual information included in the piece aside from the shots and platform reveal (Level 5 has a press conference scheduled for later in the week), so it's unclear whether there's still a DS version coming, or whether it was scrapped in favour of this (which may be likely, considering the lengthy delays affecting the handheld edition). Soon as we know, we'll update you.