Recently, Kotaku reported that a junior high school in Japan was trying to bring Studio Ghibli food to life. There’s a good reason for that. Ghibli food looks freakin’ delicious.

And if you needed a reminder of that, here are some animated GIFs that show just how tasty food can look in Studio Ghibli’s anime from My Neighbor Totoro right up to Ponyo—and beyond.

[GIF: kurokaze]

[GIF: monstarmagic666]

[Photo: ghibli-gifs]

[GIF: ghibli-gifs]

[GIF: r0llcake]

[GIF: monstarmagic666]

[GIF: recipesforweebs]

[GIF: ghiblifood]

[GIF: anime-domination]

[GIF: ghibli-forever]

[GIF: japandreams]

This article was originally published on November 4, 2014.

Top GIF: ghibli-forever

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