Students Protest Call Of Duty Dog Killing

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Students at the Academy of Notre Dame in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, are up in arms over Activision's Call of Duty: World at War for promoting the killing of deadly attack dogs.


Breanna Lucci, the 19-year-old president of the private high school's Animal Rights Club started a petition against seeing her brother shooting at dogs in the game. So far more than 100 of Lucci's classmates have signed the petition, which she hopes to forward to Activision, who will do absolutely nothing about it.

"Killing dogs as a form of entertainment ... over and over again. That's one o the objects of the game," says Lucci, 19, a senior at NDA. "Parents need to know what they are buying their kids. Killing animals should not be a form of entertainment."

One of the objects in the game? I suppose she could mean objectives, and she'd still be wrong. Killing the dogs is but one aspect of a much larger objective: staying alive.

See, running down the street shooting dogs willy-nilly is bad. You don't pump them full of bullets for rolling over and wagging their tails. You give them hugs, and call them Mr. Snugglewuffkins, despite what their actual names might be. I think we can all get behind this idea.

Dogs trained to tear out your throat, on the other hand, you shoot. You shoot them quickly, and should they roll over on their backs and wag their little stumpy tails, you shoot them more, because that's a trap. They don't want belly rubs; they want to taste your innards.

Call me a monster or an extremist, but I think it's perfectly fine to teach our children to defend themselves from wild animals that want to eat them.


I think the best part of the original story is the lede:

Breanna Lucci knows her two Pomeranians — Fluffy and Winnie the Pooh — would not last two seconds in "Call of Duty: World at War," the immensely popular video game in which the animated gore piles high.


No, her two dogs wouldn't survive two seconds. They'd be ripped apart by the virtual dogs she is trying to defend, possibly because they're named "Fluffy" and "Winnie the Pooh".

Incidentally, I think the Germans would have been a lot less sinister had they deployed squads of attack Pomeranians. "Kleine Hunde angreifen!"


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Bearded Bastard

Animal cruelty is wrong plain and simple, and this ranges from the spectrum of a baby dog, to a baby lion. in countries were feral dogs, and stray dogs, are taken in, beaten, and tortured to become more wild and violent, and then unleashed upon ones enemy, that becomes a wild animal, that becomes a weapon, not my dog skip.

this is what people dont understand.

this dog, is no different than a full grown lion coming after, except its maybe a tenth the weight.

like, i reall dont understand, or sorry, i didnt understand how a university student could get this so out of proportion, untill i read the person was a woman, i mean, im all for equality and im not chauvinistic at all, but statistically and by pure facts, and by life experience and everything, ALL THE DAMN TIME, a woman will see something, and before investigating, let alone thinking rationally about anything go off and cause a big stink about it.

not all women just generally women do this, and then making false claims. its one of the objectives in the game??? i mean, yeahn theres an achievement to snap a dogs neck when its ontop of you, but at that point its even more life or death than a dog running around is.

all i have to do is just face palm, while contemplating gauging my eyes out because of this stupid fucking shit i read every godamn day, like, there would be reason to be upset when you see someone play a game were they go along killing little timmy's litter of pet puppies. but when theres a game were your running around being shot at by godknows what and who, and you kill the occasional animal here and there, its not exactly the same thing

people have killed animals in self defence, and people dont even raise a brow, this is the same thing.