Strong Game Sales Are Helping Power Nintendo

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Nintendo has posted their financial data for the nine month period between April and December of 2015, showing some rather strong software sales: just Splatoon sold over four million copies, for example.

For the 3DS, Nintendo’s best-selling game in this period was Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, selling at a total of 2.93 million units worldwide. The Wii U had two major sellers released for it in the same period, Splatoon and Super Mario Maker, which sold a whopping 4.06 million and 3.34 million units worldwide, respectively.

On the hardware side, compared to the same period last year, there hasn’t been much change for the Wii U: Nintendo sold 3.06 million consoles compared to last year’s 3.03 million consoles:

  • Japan: 0.75 million units (vs. last year’s 0.49 million units)
  • Americas: 1.45 million units (vs. 1.64 million units)
  • Everywhere else: 0.87 million units (vs. 0.9 million units)

There’s been a drop in worldwide unit sales for the 3DS—5.88 million vs. 7.08 million:

  • Japan: 2.01 million units (vs. last year’s 2.81 million units)
  • Americas: 1.98 million units (vs. 2.19 million units)
  • Everywhere else: 1.88 million units (vs. 2.08 million units)

However, it’s worth noting that the bulk of these 3DS sales are for the New Nintendo 3DS which, distributed between its two models, moved a total of 4.23 million units worldwide in this period. That’s over 70% of total 3DS sales, and well over last year’s figure of 1.84 million New 3DS units sold worldwide.


As a result of its sales (which includes some strong Amiibo numbers), Nintendo generated an operating income of 42.4 billion yen ($351.31 million) for the period, which is an approx. 34% increase compared to last year’s figure of 31.6 billion yen ($261.82 million).

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I bet Nintendo is still doomed somehow.