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Sony's "climbing up the mountain," said Sony Corporation CEO Howard Stringer at The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital D6 event earlier today.


Stringer also admitted the PlayStation 3 had been "on life support for a while," but told the event attendees that things were looking rosy for the console now - promising a boost for the PS3 thanks to Grand Theft Auto IV and titles coming down the pipeline that he says will make good use of the PS3's processing power.

He also talked about how PS3 helped Sony win the Blu-ray war:

After Stringer credited the PS3's Blu-ray drive with the format war victory, the Journal's Walt Mossberg said to him, "I thought you you won that battle because you paid the studios more than the HD-DVD group did."


"We were not in the check-writing competition," Stringer told Mossberg, citing support from Disney and other studios.

Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman and CEO, Sony - D6 Highlights [All Things Digital]

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