Strike Gold with This Persona 4: Golden Trailer

Here's the latest trailer for upcoming PS Vita game Persona 4: Golden. The game is out this fall. This new trailer is out NOW.


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James Whitbrook

Awww, Japanese voices. Was hoping to get a small glimpse of nuChie now that it's probably inevitable all her lines will be rerecorded. That said, I adore the english voice cast of P4, but watching the Anime has made me admire the Japanese cast a lot too. I wonder if, like it was recently announced for Persona 4 Arena, P4G will ship with Japanese and English voice options? That would be nice.

Make History is starting to grow on me as a battle theme though. I mean, I still dislike that it replaces the wonderfully catch Reach out to the Truth unless you get a Player Advantage, but I'm starting to like it. Especially the chorus, that's great.