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Street Fighter V's Ridiculous Breast Physics Are Still In The Game

Last year, Capcom (hilariously) assured us that the bouncy jiggle of Chun Li’s breasts was actually just a glitch. Eventually, Capcom said, they’d fix it.


Well, now the game is out, and... uh, the exaggerated breast physics are still in there, as you can see in this video by Eurogamer:

As we reported in 2015, the breast glitch only happens on the second player side. At the time, Capcom said it was just a peculiar hiccup in the E3 build of the game, which they planned to “fix.” Seems like they didn’t get to it!


Obviously, this is far from a dealbreaker when it comes to Street Fighter V, and the game seems to have a number of more important issues that Capcom should probably see to first, like server stability and better single-player offerings. It’s just funny to see this particular pecularity still in the game after all this time.

It’s such a weird glitch, isn’t it? Especially when you consider that not all women characters have it in the first place. Video games, ladies and gentlemen.

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Heh, would be hilarious if it was a dealbreaker for someone.