Street Fighter V's Next DLC Character Is Zeku

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Zeku, the final character to be added to the game’s roster as part of season two was revealed earlier today at the South East Asia Major fighting game event in Singapore.


Street Fighter V players have long suspected the aging ninja would make an appearance in the game ever since players began combing through leaked silhouettes earlier this year. He’ll be available to purchase starting October 24 and comes just months after the release of both Abigail, who was revealed at this year’s Evo, and Menat, who joined the game in August.

Based on the trailer, Zeku will have a number of different sneaky attacks that allow him to disappear and reappear, as well as an array of somersault, high kick, and stomping moves. He also seems to transform from young to old during his special. Most importantly though, he’ll have a Strider Hiryu costume available that looks even better than what the actual character has on in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. And as some players have pointed out, Zeku also seems to swap outfits on the fly during combos potentially tying his fashion sense directly into his fighting mechanics.

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Zeku first appeared in the series as a non-playable character in Street Fighter Alpha 2 as Guys trainer. In that game he had a mustache that appears to be missing now, a mysterious development which will no doubt get addresses in his story mode.

Capcom hasn’t yet announced when it will start rolling out the game’s third season of DLC, though players are already speculating and hoping that it will include Sagat and Sakura among others. With Street Fighter V’s Arcade Edition, which includes all of the characters currently announced as well as some UI tweaks and additional V-Triggers, out in January of next year, it’s unclear if the next additions to the game’s roster will get announced before the end of 2017.

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What the hell is this “Season” bullshit? Just give us the Ultimate SFV: Champion Edition Hyper Fighting Turbo Special Final already, with all characters included.