Street Fighter V, Turned Into Nightmare Fuel

Things get pretty freaky when you switch up the movesets and animations available to your favorite Street Fighter character.


Street Fighter V Mods ( SFV ) has spent some time messing with the fighting game, and the results are as strange as they are hilarious. Take, for instance, Laura. Typically, she looks like this:

Illustration for article titled iStreet Fighter V/i, Turned Into Nightmare Fuel

...but that’s definitely not what she looks like when you make her move like Birdie, a different Street Fighter character. You can see what I mean in the video below:

That said, Vega’s swap with R. Mika works amazingly well—dat buttslap, tho.

If you’re up for more hijinks, here’s one more swap video. Watching M. Bison move around like Vega is amazing:

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It’s Steven Tyler with tits. Absolutely frightening.