Street Fighter V Player Reaches Top Rank Thanks To Hacks

The Street Fighter V player BEST_KOREA holds the number one spot in the game’s ranked mode despite not being all that great. In fact, the player recently served as a punching bag for the world renowned Daigo Umehara. So how did BEST_KOREA climb the ladder so easily?


As Shoryuken reported recently, sitting at over 10,000 LP above the number two ranked Wolfkrone, something fishy was going on with the way BEST_KOREA’s match results were being recorded,

A look at their profile starts to indicate that something fishy is going on–as it becomes apparent that there’s a strange discrepancy between the “WIN” indications. The player with the winning marks on the replay display isn’t the winner in the main fight list.

Even when BEST_KOREA loses a fight, they are still awarded a “win” in their stats as well as LP, so while most other players have win raters somewhere south of 75%, BEST_KOREA’s essentially approaches 100%.


Street Fighter V’s PC mode has had its fair share of troubles, but cheats and hacks remain some of the most concerning. Trying to slowly grind through matches to achieve more LP and a higher rank is difficult and discouraging enough as one of the game’s regular players, without the added salt of knowing that some players are benefiting by finding ways to exploit the game’s code. And often, it seems like the cheating that Capcom cares about most is the kind used to side-step Street Fighter V’s many microtransactions. Even when the company tries to address those issues, as with an update from last September aimed that led to rootkits being installed on users’ PCs, it can sometimes make matters even worse.


Not all Street Fighter V hacks are terrible, however. Last fall, one player used them to celebrate the birthday of RZR Xian, one of the game’s most talented and beloved figures.


Daigo’s Japanese server handle is “Memememe.” You can watch the full match training session below.


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