Street Fighter, Resident Evil Publisher Wants to Dip Toe in Facebook

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Social networks can no longer be ignored by game publishers, Capcom president Haruhiro told BusinessWeek, so the company plans to release its first game on Facebook as early as this fiscal year.

"Gaming on social networks is poised to impact the traditional video game industry and is a presence that cannot be ignored," Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto said in an interview in Tokyo today. "We have to make our move."

What exactly that move will be is anyone's guess, but do keep in mind that not all of Capcom's games are slick, graphics-heavy productions like Dead Rising or Lost Planet. They also have quite a robust line-up of puzzle titles, which strikes me as the sort of title that could work quite well on Facebook.


Capcom Plans to Release Its First Facebook Game, President Says [Bloomberg]

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The more time passes, the more I think that the consoles are meant to disappear.

I mean, most game companies are trying to find a piece of cake on this casual themes/social networks.

Every new year, new mobile devices are prepared to run game with decent graphics.

On many countries, the portable consoles like the PSP and DS are sold better than the home consoles, even there are more developers for those mobile devices because is more cheap to develop giving a chance to those small developers to create a game with millions of potential buyers.

I think that the PS3 and Xbox360 (and even the Wii) are the last Home consoles ever made.