Street Fighter Player Knocked Out By Booger

Birdie, from Street Fighter V, has an idle animation where he picks his nose and flicks a booger at his opponent. Which is cute, but the thing is, it also does a teeny bit of damage when it hits.


As EventHubs reports, this is rarely if ever a big deal, just a fun piece of trivia, but over the weekend a perfect storm of events conspired to actually make one of Birdie’s boogers fatal.

In this fight, MDZ Ricky (playing as Birdie) had his Ryu opponent on the ropes, with so little health left (it must have been as little as the game allows) that they basically gave up and just stood there. Which caused Birdie to flick his snot rocket. Which proceeded to knock Ryu flat on his ass.



I don’t know which is more amazing, the Death Bogey or the anal sex in the background.