Illustration for article titled Street Fighter Online Gets Naughty, Nearly Naked

These new "rare items" for the hideous Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation from Daletto are too hot for TV... and Japanese online gaming publications. They're so sexy, so revealing, even we can't show you what they're wearing. And that's mostly because the new downloadable items for Street Fighter Online in question — Chun-Li's "Virgin White" and Baichoufu's "Wild Panther" underthings — were mosaicked out before we got to 'em. It wasn't an editorial decision. We like that Daletto is pandering to the SFO player. We've always wanted to see an oddly jointed, low polygon Chun-Li prancing about awkwardly in virgin white something and appreciate that the developer went the extra yard. Oh yeah, they added Guile, too. Street Fighter Online [Game Watch]

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