You like fighters, you like Capcom vs. SNK. As SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono (rocking Meat Bun) states, the series is still popular with hardcore gamers. But popular enough to warrant a third installment?

According to Ono: "When I was doing interview for Onimusha, another title I produced, journalist would always ask me if Capcom was going to develop Street Fighter IV. This caused us to think that this was the right moment, and we began production. I think this sort of thing could happen again with Capcom vs. SNK โ€” especially if enough people wish for the series' return."

"If people want it, we'll do it" is a canned Capcom answer to these sorts of questions. So don't go putting too much faith in it โ€” that is, unless every single game journalist starts asking for another Capcom vs. SNK!

ITW Yoshinori Ono (Street Fighter IV) [JeuxActu via Game Center Online via Go Nintendo] [Pic]